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Fishlake in 1350

Fishlake War Memorial

Mythical Beast in Churchyard

Fen Carr

Fen Carr Nature reserve

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Flooding Tales

Kissing in Thorne and District!

Snippets on herbs and a poem

Fishlake Sykehouse Footpath Guide

Fishlake 1861

Fishlake Drama Programme - 1 Front Cover

Fishlake Drama Programme - 2

Fishlake Drama Programme - 3

Fishlake Drama Programme - page 4

William Downing Calendar

Certificate for 43 years of service to the Post Office 1884 to 1927, presented to Post Mistress Sarah Trimingham.

Copied extract from Thorne Advertiser circa 1914

Page 2 of extract from Thorne Advertiser

Fishlake 1861 Information

Notes for Fishlake and Sykehouse footpath leaflet

Sheet 2 of footpaths leaflet

Copy of notes from a postcard of 1907!

Memories of Floods, Feasts and Farms from a Doncaster Newspaper circa 1950

Page 2 F,F,Farms

Rev H Henderson 1929 funeral card

Thomas Downing funeral card 1883

Fishlake Hall Sale 1803

The Oldest Fishlake Inhabitant John Waite 1933

Planning Permission for Ramsey Ho, Fishlake 1924

Fishlake Bylaw Book 1582 to1675

Fishlake Bylaw Book cover reused page from a 15 Cent Missal

Fishlake Bylaw Book as it was 1970s note page from late medieval missal used for binding

Thomas Downing of Fishlake RTA 1898

Charity land to Let, Fishlake, 14 Nov 1882

Fishlake vicarage elevations 1847. Thanks to York Uni.

Fishlake vicarage Plans 1847. Thanks to York Uni.

Fishlake War memorial June 6 1919

Mother Union Tribute to Louisa Ellen Downing 14 Feb 1927

Kellys Trade Directory 1893

Kellys trade Directory 1857

Kellys Trade Directory 1893

Kellys Trade Directory 1893

Whites Trade Directory 1838

Whites Trade Directory 1838

Baines Trade Directory 1822

Samuel Simpson Fishlake Draper 1840

Fishlake Sunday School Prize 1909

Fishlake 1720 by Samuel Buck

Walter Tom Downing marries Annie Smith

George and Mary Duckitt at Church Farm

Violet Downing wedding small group

Violet Downing wedding large group

Walter Tom Downing marriage 1913

Pinfold Lane, Fishlake with figures 1908. Spot the mistaken identity of the school!

Cornelius Prole Map 1663 Thanks to British Museum

Rev Ornsby lecture p91

Letter from Henry Brooks Head Master Fishlake School 1891 to newspaper

Fishlake Church details from Hunters South Yorkshire 1828

Occupants, church St Fishlake

Ornsby Lecture p92/93

Ornsby lecture p94/95

Ornsby lecture p96/97

Ornsby lecture p98/99

Ornsby lecture p100/101

Ornsby lecture p102/103

Ornsby lecture p104/105

Ornsby lecture p106/107

Ornsby lecture p108

Fishlake and its surrounding 1410-1420 Thanks Public Records Office

John Speed Map of West Riding 1610

Josius Arlebone 1639 redrawn 1710 post drainage plan

Thomas Jefferys Map 1771

1806 Jeffery map

Old West Riding 1647

1752 River Dunn Survey Thanks Leeds City Archives

Puppets in Yorkshire

Fishlake Hearth Tax returns for Lady Day 1672

Three Fishlake men refuse a knighthood

SOS. A bid to save Fishlake School prior to closure in 1993.

By Donkey And Cart To School. Aurthor and date unknown

J Marshall Brickyard Fishlake 1880

J Marshall Brickyard Fishlake 1878

1878 Allyns Charity invoice, Downing and Ornsby

Fishlake School Land to Let 1893

Historical Earthworks incl Crew Yard rear of Fishlake Hall Farm Jan 1984.

Endowed School Punishment records p1. Thanks to Doncaster Archives

Endowed School Punishment records p2. Thanks Doncaster Archives.

Extracts from Fishlake School Log Book 1

Extracts from Fishlake School Log Book 2

Fishlake Great Flood of 11 Feb 1795

18 th century Fishlake Township Account Book.

Fishlake Hall Farm Sale 1937.

Fishlake Hall Farm Sale Spring 1937

Fishlake Hall Farm Sale Spring 37

Clough House Farm Sale 4 April 1937

Rivers Lea Farm Sale 1 February 1927

Clough House Sale 27 February 1970.

Clough House Sale 27 Feb. 1970.

Clough House Sale 27 Feb 1970.

Clough House Sale 27 Feb. 1970.

Clough House Sale 27 Feb 1970.

Map for Clough House Sale 27 Feb. 1970.

JJSpencer Freehold Sale 6 May 1915.

Freehold Sale 1915 continued

Freehold Sale 1915 continued.

Freehold Sale 1915 continued

Freehold Sale 1915 continued

Freehold Sale 1915 continued.

Freehold Sale 1915 continued.

Freehold Sale 1915 continued.

WW11 Ration Book Oglesby Fishlake

WW11 Identity Card

Identity Card Harold Hodgson Fishlake

Ration Book, Hodgson, Fishlake.

25 Birthday Fishlake Cricket Club

Fishlake Cricket Club 6 A-Side.

Fishlake Cricket Club 14 July 1996.

WW11 memorabilia

WW11 memorabilia.

WW11 memorabilia

Doncaster and District Cricket league 1983

Fishlake cricket Club Jubilee Gala 30 Augt 1993

Will of John Parkin of Fishlake 1609.

WW11 Evacuees.

Will of Nicholas Farbarn 1532.

Will of William Trimingham 1527.

Will of Isabell Mare 1562.

Will of John Redeman 1531.

Household Inventory of John Wright 1729.

Will of Cuthbert Parkyn 1557.

Will of Edmund Trimingham 1577.

Will of William Trimingham 1588.

Will of Thomas Parkin 1603.

Will of Hew Bradforth 1557.

Will of Mather Pker 1562.

Will of Edmond Besacle 1557.

Will of Thomas Howden 1572.

Will of John Parkin 1558.

Household Inventory of Ann Wilby 1711.

Will of William Parkin 1655.

Will of John Hague 1725.

Will of Thomas Besacle 1556.

Last portion of John Wight Household Inventory.

Land in Fishlake and Bramwith for sale 3 June 1939.

Fishlake Parish Mag 1988. Local businesses now gone.

Fishlake Parish Mag 1988. Founding of the Bowling Club.

Zion Chapel Sunday school prize 1962

Fishlake Endowed School, Yorkshire Penny Bank 1859-1959

First Prize for Stephen Cook 1962.

Ancient Pollarded Willows p1

Ancient Pollarded Willows page 2

Ancient Pollarded Willows page 3

Ancient Pollarded Willows page 4