The photographs in the albums have been kindly shared by the residents of Fishlake...

Eve Atherfold

Alan Brownbridge

Stephen Cook

Dave Croucher

Rob Downing

Peter Dumville

Brenda Grafton

Dave King

Ken Omar

Peter Trimingham

John Waite



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Likewise if you recognise anyone in the photographs please let us know. All of the photographs are collated into albums. Please navigate via the menu.

Eventually these albums will be further categorised for ease of searching but for the time being we are uploading as many as possible.

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Smallhedge Farm 2005

Lane to Barrier Bank from Sour Lane

View from Church Gates

Trundle Lane

Norman Church

Main Street 2010

Saint Cuthberts

Buttercross Main Street

Snow on the Nab Bank

Church from Parish Hall

Church in Winter Snow

The Flag Pole

Don Cottage

Main Street looking across the Landing

Don Side Stores

Butter Cross

Sour Lane

Butter cross in Summer

Main Street

Church Lane

Church from the River Bank

Church East Window

Church from Church Walk

Old Anchor Inn at Night

Old Anchor Inn

Old Anchor Inn early morning

Church from Church Lane

East Field Lane Mill

Rear of Custom House

Custom House Front view

Custom House

Church Norman Doorway

Fishlake School Students

Fishlake School Staff and Students

Church Entrance

Names on earlier photograph

Old Zion Chapel

Village Hall (with phone box)

Blacksmiths Shop

Church Entrance

West Bank in winter

Pinfold Lane in Winter

West Bank

Old School in Winter

Fishlake flood bank doing a good job!

High Water at Stainforth Bridge

High Water at Jubilee Bridge

Mill Field and East Field

Pinfold Lane

Hayes Lane


Cricket and Bowls Club

Cricket and Bowls Club on Pinfold Lane

Entering the village from Fosterhouses

Pinfold Gardens

Cricket and Bowls Club

Cricket and Bowls Club

Pinfold Gardens

Cricket and Bowls Club

Pinfold Gardens

Pinfold Lane

Pinfold Lane

Jefferey House

Victoria Cottage, Pinfold Lane

Parish Playing Field

Hay Green

Sour Lane

Sour Lane

Sour Lane

Pinfold Lane leaving the village

Wood Lane

Wood Lane

Playing Field Gate, Pinfold Lane

Lilacs and Pinfold Cottage

Pinfold Lane

Pinfold Lane

Pinfold Lane towards Hay Green Corner

The Twitchell

The School from the Twitchell

The Old School 2011/12

The Old School - 2012

The Pinfold

The Pinfold

Trundle Lane Riding School

Trundle Lane Riding School

Camels Hump Bank Walk

Camels Hump Walk after clearing by the Monday Club

Sour Lane Drain

Sour Lane

Wood Lane

Hay Green

New Houses Hay Green

Vine Cottage Hay Green Corner

Main Street from the Landing

Misty Morning on Main Street

East Field Road

East Field Mill at Night

East Field Mill

On the Landing

The Landing

The Landings

Hall Farm

Ramsey House

Hairdressers and Butchers shop circa 2012

Hairdressers and Butchers Shop

Monday Club - The Old River bed

St Cuthberts Fishlake Medieval Stained glass might be St Cuthberts beads in the boarder decoration?