Fishlake History Society

Recording historical information before it disappears

Fishlake History Society

Recording historical information before it disappears

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Sheep Shears, seen in use to cut a lawn edge!

Wrought Iron Waffle Iron

Used to teach children how to tie shoelaces at Fishlake Endowed School

Memorial Vases to commemorate PteClarence Hepton who died of his wounds in 2nd World War

Vintage Fishlake butchers meat cleaver

Bow Saw belonging to Schofield family joiner and wheelwright

Butter Pats used by a Fishlake smallholder

Veternary instrument belonging to a Fishlake Farmer. Late 19th Century

Victorian Veternary clamp belonging to a Fishlake farmer

Boot pulls

Butter stamp used on a Fishlake Smallholders market stall

Butter stamp from a local smallholder used to mark their market butter

Butter stamp

Patterned butterpress and stamp for use on butter to be sold by Schofields at Doncaster Market

Fishlake Calendar 1927

Caulking chisels and a lignum vitae headed mallet

Butter pats

Cast and wrought iron waffle iron

Sheep Shears, last used by Elisa Schofield to edge her lawn in the 1960s

A pair of brass vases in memory of Clarence Hepton who died of his wounds in World War ll

A relic of Fishlake Endowed School

Post Office scales used by Post Mistress Sarah Trimingham in the 1930s

Castraters used by a Nineteenth Century Fishlake Sheep Farmer

The bar top corkscrew that was on the bar of the Hare and Hounds pre WWII

As before

Flintlock pistol originally owned by a Nineteenth Century Fishlake farmer

as before

A pair of sugar loaf cutters from a local smallholding.

A rare clay pipe case from the nineteenth century

as before

As before

Three fleams used for blood letting on cattle and sheep

as before

as before

A cartridge press

As before

Cartridge making equipment

Powder measure for making cartridges

Cartridge press

As before

Powder flask

Various cartridge making tools

Codd bottle and the far rarer wooden openers

Codd bottle openers

A rare Guinea or Sovereign balance used to check that gold coins had not been clipped


Sovereign scales case

As before

Sovereign or Guinea scales

As before

As before

Scales from Fishlake Post Office when it was sited in Church Street

Castrators owned by a nineteenth century Fishlake Sheep Farmer

15.16Cent Pots from Far Bank area SE634139 1978

15.16 Cent pots Nab area SE648139 11.03.78

15.16Cent Humber Ware Pots field near Nab Mill SE651131 1978

Mariners Compass Mid 19 Cent belonged to David England 1842 1896

Neo.Bronze Age Flint End Scraper, button type found West Field SE633139 26.02.78

Glass Dish 1975, 250 made by Presentations Carlton in Coverdale, Leyburn.

Walter England Downing WW1 medals and medallion.

Fishlake Axe detail.

Fishlake Axe.

Sampler by Ann Eliza Kitchin 1869. Lived at Far End, Fishlake in 1871. Thanks to Anthony Bailey.