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Recording historical information before it disappears

Fishlake History Society

Recording historical information before it disappears



In the portfolio.
A bundle of letters from Hartfield and the Charity Commisioners with drafts of letters from Fishlake to both, relating to payments of money to Fishlake charities from lands in Hartfield as a result of the Local Government Act of 1984, letters date between 1897-1905.
A bundle of used posters advertising "Allotments to Let", by the Fishlake United Charities.
A bundle (22) of agreements for the lease of allotments from the Allyns Charity between 1884-1946, with about a dozen blank ones.
Two identical Government papers relating to the Allotment Extension Act 1882.
Bundle of rules laid down by the trustees of Allyns Charity in Pursuance of Section 9 of the Allotment Extension Act 1882.
A lease of March 1 st 1869 between The Trustees of Allyns Charity to Mr John Harrison the Elder, for a lease of land in the township of Sykehouse in the parish of in the County of York containing 10a 1r 0p for seven years at the yearly rent of £14 payable half yearly, Feb: 2 nd and Aug: 2 nd.
A collection of letters from the Charity Commissioners relating to the Allotments Extension Act between 1883-1884.
Several letters from the Allotments Extension Act in 1884.
A notice to a meeting of the select committee at the House of Commons 22 nd July 1884.
Several copies of acts of Parliament and rules relating to the Allotments Extension Act.
A collection of letters during 1883 and 1884 to George Ornsby from his son.
A bundle of letters of application from cottages for the occupation of allotment land during 1883.
Two lists of people, one dated March 5 th 1895 of the valuation of allotments for the purpose of rents or annual value situated at Fishlake belonging to the Trustees of Thomas Allyn Charity. To the Fishlake Grammar School Foundation.
A scheme relating to the charities of Fishlake sealed April 28 th 1911.
A bundle of unused forms informing tenants of a meeting in the parish council rooms for the payment of land rents.
A memo from Thomas Fattorini of Skipton, on 28 th Jan: 1902 to Mr R Walker.

Two forms from the Coal Commissioners 1945.

A collection of leases and Deeds etc, details as follows:

A small indenture of Sept: 4 th 1685 of Thomas Allyn and his charity lease for a year of several pieces of land in Fishlake, in the county of York.
A rough copy of the above indenture.
A copy form the Hatfield court Rolls 10 th June 1735 of a surrender of land by several Fishlake people, at Wormley Hill, into the hands of Lord Irwin, on 18 th Feb: 1734. M Cutts.
An extraction from the Registry of the Parogative Court of Canterbury, will of Thomas Allyn the younger with the bequest of £110 to the poor of Fishlake. Sealed 27 th August 1733, proved at London 18 th September 1733.
A copy of the Hatfield Court Roll on 21 st March 1775, an inquisition into land bought out of the money left by Thomas Allyn the younger for his charity. M Cutts.
A second copy, (the first being in the other smaller chest), the document is a Special conveyance for the purpose of renewing the trust of Allyn’s Charity Estates of Fishlake in the county of York in pursuance of a Decree of the Court of Chancery, dated 9 th Aug: 1777.
Also here is the original parchment conveyance of the above.
A copy of the Hatfield Court Rolls on 9 th September 1777, concerning the lands of the two charities of Allyn's Charities and the above special conveyance. M Cutts.
A plea at Westminster in 1778, between Driver against Harrison.
A appointment of Mr Stork to be a joint trustee for Allyn's Charity Estate, dated 30 th Oct: 1793. The Rev Mr Hardy and Mr Richard Wharam to Mr John Stork.
A deed of feoffment dated 27 th July 1802. Mr Richard Wharam surviving trustee of Allyn's Charity to Rev Robert Hardy and others.
The original feoffment and conveyance between the two above documents, this dated 27 th July 1802.
A feoffment and conveyance of Allyn's Charity Estate, dated 20 th December 1804. Mr John Stork surviving trustee of Allyn's Charity to Rev Robert Hardy and Robert Amery.
A lease of part of Allyn's Charity lands for ten years, dated 18 th November 1805. Mess Stork, Amery and Hardy to Mr John Bladworth.

A lease of part of Allyn's Charity lands at Fishlake, Mess Stork, Amery and Hardy to Mr Richard France.
A lease of part of Allyn's Charity land for ten years from candlemass 1806, dated 18 th Nov.1805. Mess Stork, Amery and Hardy to Mr William Birks.
Copy of Manor Rolls of Hatfield, admittance in trust of land of Allyn's Charity, Rev Mr Hardy to himself and others, dated 26 th August 1806.
A lease for a year, an indenture dated 13 th October 1828. Richard Amery to Mr Richard Wharam and George Dale.
A lease of 70 acres 0 r 11p of land in the parish of Fishlake in the county of York for 7 years from the 2 nd February 1842, dated 17 th October 1842. Trustees of Allyn's Charity Estate to Mr John Bladworth.
A lease of 10a 1r 0p of land situate in the parish of Fishlake in the county of York for 7 years from 2 nd February 1842, dated 17 October: 1842. The trustees of Allyn's Charity Estate to Mr John Hollins.

Ten account, dole and minute books containing the year to year expenditures and charges concerning he charities of Fishlake dating between 1778 and 1935:
Book no. 1. A cash book, parchment covered for the Allyn's Charity 1778-1886, containing debts and credits.
Book no. 2. An account book, also parchment covered, entitled, “Names of Paupers who received weekly allowances in cash from trustees of Allyn's Charity are recorded in this book 1808" and follows through to 1845. Then from the other end of the book working in, we have the lists of people receiving goods in kind from 1828-1845, then is a note, no entries made during the incumbency of Rev J Leeson (but these can be found in the bundle of invoices see under). Henceforth in a more organised list of poor and their receiving in kind from 1850-1867.
Book no. 3. Another parchment covered book continuing from the above book this lists the receivers of goods and goods received year by year from the Allyn's Charity between 1868 to 1887, all signed by G. Ornsby except from 1886 and 1887 when it was signed by Robert Walker.
Book no. 4. A cash book hardly used, but entries are made between 1886-1896.
Book no. 5. A parish charity dole book 1895-1927 accounts of the money received from the poor estates and lists of poor people year by year who received charity.
Book no. 6. A cash book of the trustees of the Allyn's Charity 1896-1934, recorded on one side of a page tenants and rents paid and on the other side money sent by the trustees and general payments.
Book no. 7. A minute book of the Allyn's Charity and particulars of meetings between 1896-1935, and declarations of new trustees etc.
Book no. 8. A petty cash book listing people and the amounts received between 1851-1871.
Book no. 9. An Allyn's Charity petty cash book commencing Jan: 7 th 1872 to March 1911, listing people and amounts received.
Book no. 10. A Midland Bank book of Fishlake United Charities list debts and credits from 1928-1929. (hardly begun),

Several large bundles of papers and letters some lists of paupers and receivings, money spent or collected, many invoices from suppliers and makers of clothing disbursed by the trustees, which are as follow:
Bundle 1. 1805-1816
Bundle 2. 1816-1829
Bundle 3. 1839-1843
Bundle 4. 1843-1849.
Bundle 5. 1854-1855.
Bundle 6. 1857-1858.
Bundle 7. 1870-1886. Also in bundle 7 is an envelope containing a mortgage and other documents concerning a debt for Mr Thomas Downing jun. to the charity.
Complied 1976/77.    Rob Downing.

It has come to my attention that some or all of these documents have since gone missing.


Church fabric estimates, report etc.
Faculty for organ blower 1951
A balance sheet of heating apparatus and churchwardens accounts, year ending Easter 1903. (Printed).
Plan of church new heating system 1901.
A letter of estimation from Mr J Smith & Sons for a new church clock. Jan 18 th 1901.
Hardwick's report on church fabric. June 2 th 1883.
A. Hicks and Charlesworth report on church fabric. Oct 1889.
Three plans for church alterations by Mr Fowler of Durham, i.e. a new reredos.
A letter from G Pace. 1954.
Four small collection cards for a new church pulpit and other improvements. 1858.
A printed report to the ratepayer of the township of Fishlake in 1858, concerning the above collection with lists of subscribers etc to the repairs and in particular a new stove & pulpit.

A terrier of Fishlake Church property taken for the Archbishop on June 23 rd 1781.
A terrier of Fishlake Church property taken for the Archbishop on June 9 th 1820, with an addition on Oct. 14 th 1888.
An undated terrier of Fishlake Church property taken after 1860.
A draft of a letter to Canon Douglas, no date with extract from the 1897 terrier.

Beneficed income, church finance etc.
Many letters and papers of all kinds nearly all 20 th century.
A large bundle relating to the buying of Glebe land from the church by the River Ouse Catchment Board in and around 1938 for the improvement of the Don Navigation.

A few miscellaneous papers & some used forms, re Glebe Land & charities.

Bundles of forms all 1888 about charities.
A plan of the North Common with projected drainage belonging to Fishlake, no date probably mid 19 th century.
An agreement between Charles Gilson and Rev H Henderson for a tenancy of and situate and being Tithe Ing, dated 30 th Nov. 1928.
An agreement for tenancy between Rev Wm N Coghlin and Walter Duckitt, dated 16 th July 1936.
Particulars of North Common Estate of lands owned by the vicar of Fishlake & incumbent of Sykehouse, date probably mid 19 th century.
'Peeles' account of fees etc for the annexation of Parson's Croft to the vicarage of Fishlake, paid Oct 26 th 1860 £29. 4. 2.
An agreement with Mess Micklethwaite & Blacker and RM Milnes Esq now (Lord Houghton) on the North Common for tilling land at Thorne 1859. sign: J Dickinson, Micklethwaite & J Blacker.

Legal re-coal and mineral rights etc.
All 20 th century.
Some letters and a form.
An indenture from the Yorkshire Boring Company Ltd, dated 1909 to Rev E Flecker the vicarage Fishlake.
In an envelope also here is bundle of letters and a lease, all of a similar date between the Rev Wm Noble Coghlin and Pease and Partners Ltd. The lease of seams of coal underlying Glebe land in the parish of Thorne in the county of York, with a map dated 15 th Dec. 1938.

Benson re Bridge Foot Closes.
Many letters all about 1867-8, concerning the above matter.
A small map of the closes, and an indenture made on 16 th March 1867 between Elizabeth Benson of Thorne and Spencer Cook Ashton of Sandtoft, Lincs.

Allyn's Charity.
List of allocatees at Westfield Fishake, date May 2nd 1889.
A terrier of things belonging to the Allyn's Charity received by the trustees from the Rev. E Flecker on 15 May 1896.
A copy of the deed of Thomas Allyn the elder's charity, dated 3 rd Sept. 1685, copied in full by Rev. George Ornsby.
A statement of accounts to the Allyn's charity in Jan. & Feb. of 1896.
A document between Dr Francis Simpson to Rev. W Gibson and Mess Steemson and Wharam, dated 9 th 1777 called "Copy of special conveyance for the purpose of renewing the trust of Allyn's the charity estate at Fishlake the county of York in pursuance of a Decree of the Court of Chancery".

A large envelope entitled "Dun Drainage".

A bundle of letters and drafts of letters relating to the Dun Drainage, all in the years 1870 to 1880.
A document of bylaw's made by the Dun Drainage Commissioners under the Dun Drainage Act of 1873.
There are three notices to "Treat" by the Dun Drainage Act of 1873 to the parish of Fishlake, and one containing a small map of the river Don.
There is also three nominations of values and certificates and declaration in 1874 for Fishlake and another for Kirk Bramwith.
A petition of 1873 by Mrs Elizabth H. Brelsford and others of South Bramwith against the bill by council.
A copy of Mess Shirley's report upon the foreshore between the river and bank to the Dun Drainage Committee in 1876.
Two demand notes for a drainage rate in 1936-37 to Mrs M Gilson and Mr W Duckitt of Fishlake. (both a paid).

Acts of Parliament and Miscellaneous Forms.

Two unused posters for a special service in church on the year 1868.
A legal sheet entitled "Direction for making a will or codicil”, 1837 and another with principal regulations.
A pamphlet regarding the Burial Law Amendment Act of 1880, with another for 1900.
A pamphlet regarding explanatory notes respecting the registration and marriage acts in 1837.
A blank form from the Charity Commissioners about 1860.
Another blank form for incomes etc from the Commissioners 1940 (Ecclesiastical).
Another pamphlet regarding acts for amendments of the laws with respect to wills 1837.
A small book by the Friends of Reunion Bulletin 1954, entitled "The Office of a Bishop".
Three small old pamphlets of Parliamentary Acts.
1. Respecting acts of marriage in England 1836.
2. Respecting two acts of amendment relating to registering of births, marriages and deaths.
3. an act that all vestry meetings will be only held after full public notice has been given 1937.
A slim supplement of the London Gazette of 9 th 1860 with references to the separation of Sykehouse.
A large supplement of the London Gazette of Oct. 21 st 1910.
Two information forms re Glebe land papers.
One information form re Charity Commission papers.
An extract from the umpires award, dated 5 th December 1865.
Three letters relating to land and railways.

In an envelope a bundle of documents.
Insurance papers (mostly dead matter).
All 20 th century, many letters and some policies.

An envelope marked "School".

Seven forms and a letter all about 1900 concerning the charity school.

An envelope marked "Sykehouse becoming separated from Fishlake".
Many letters and application forms dating between 1859 to 1960 relating to the separation and forming of the new parish of Sykehouse.
A copy of the London Gazette of March 10 th 1860 containing order in council to making Sykehouse a separate parish.
In addition there is
A valuation of fixtures and fittings in the vicarage 1911.
A letter from The River Ouse (Yorks) Catchment Board to Rev. W N Coghlin in 1957 re the sale to them of a portion of land below the church extending to the river.

A bundle of indentures and leases of land.

The Indenture of 5 th day of September 1685 between Thomas Allyn the elder citizen & draper of London of the one part and Thomas Bourne minister of the parish of Fishlake in the county of York Thomas Parkins of the same chandler and Robert Hill of the same yeoman of the other part. For the forming of the Allyn's Charity.
Mr Thomas Holmes to Mr John Benson. Release of 3 closes of land situated near Stainforth Bridge in the county of York, dated 7 th & 8 th Aug. 1820.
Mr Thomas Holmes to Mr John Benson. Lease for a year, dated 7 th Aug. 1820.
Copy lease 17 th March 1864, 7 years expire 16 th March 1871. Lord Houghton, part of Fishlake rectory.
Deed of annexation (copy) of land in the township of Fishlake and Sykehouse to the vicarage of Fishlake, dated 27 the day of April 1865.
Copy of annexation of land at Fishlake to the vicarage of Fishlake, dated 26 th day of May 1860.
Lord Houghton to, "The Dean & Chapter of Durham".
A surrender of leasehold premises situated in the township of Fishlake and Sykehouse in the county of York, dated 8 th day of April 1865.
A large bundle containing, "The Abstract of the title of Miss Elizabeth Benson to freehold heredits at Stainforth in the county of York contracted to be sold to the Rev. George Ornsby", dated 1867.
Another connected it the above 1868 supplemented abstract of the title of Miss Elizabeth Benson etc.
The Rev. H Henderson & Mr Charles Gilson. Agreement for tenancy of land situate and being Tithe Ing Fishlake in the county of York, Term for year to year. Rent £7. 10.0 per annum, dated 20 th Nov. 1928.
A file of documents relating to Bridge foot closes and the Bensons, all middle of the 19 th century.
The typed proof copy of Rev. Kenneth Arthur's, "Notes of Fishlake Church and Parish", published 1961.


Between two large hardboard covers there is a unique collection of papers collected mostly by Rev. George Ornsby during his incumbency at Fishlake (1850-1886). Entitled, "Collectanea quaedam ad pochia de FISHLAC Spectantia".
Here is a large collection of notes and writings of a miscellaneous nature relating to the history of Fishlake, Sykehouse and there inhabitants. General contents as follows:

Copies of original wills both transcribed and some translated dating between 1407-1735.
There is a note book half full of such wills with some other early licences and letters many are recopied from his original notes as above. Work on past rectors and vicars with notes on their lives.
A small collection of pages extracted from the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Record Series respecting Fishlake Church, "The Fasti Parochials".
Notes from visitation returns (various).
A pedigree of the Dale and Hancock family of Doncaster.
Notes form Dodsworth, de la Pryme and Hunters works.
A small brass rubbing of a crown with the letters J.H.
Plan of Sykehouse Chapel and grave yard.
A copy verbatim by G. Ornsby of the Charity Commissioners report of 1827.
A copy of an early rental.
Copies from various early Manor Court Rolls of Hatfield as it respected Fishlake.
An early 19 th century map of the church, vicarage and the surroundings.
Several small fragments of original documents, such as churchwardens accounts etc.
Copies of early Charters, Chancery Court proceedings and the Valor Ecclesiastical, for Fishlake and Sykehouse.
It should be started here that many of these documents and copies have been gathered and sent to George Ornsby by his circle of important friends.

Also are preserved these letters and many of these seem to have been recopied by George Ornsby as they appear in his own hand. Letters from the following.
Joseph Hunter of London.
Daniel Rock of Clarendon Villas, Brook Green, Hammersmith, Sept, 23 rd 1857 about the decoration of the Church Font and the names of saints there carved. (Mr Rock says he has just moved to this address).
John Tomlinson of Doncaster.
Many letters from Charles Hatfield of Doncaster.
John Sykes of Doncaster.
Charles Best Robinson of Snaith dated Oct. 12 th 1857, about the Lisle family of Gisbrough etc.
There is also an interesting bundle of private letters from George Ornsby's family.
Letters from R Askwith to P.A. for Margaret dated 1809, posted at Bombay Harbour dated Spet. 22 nd 1809. A private letter to "Dear Margaret" and ending in "from - Truly affectionate Brother R. Askwith. Addressed to Mrs G Ornsby, Darlington, Durham.
Letter with medicinal recipe, 1820.
Letter from Askwith to Margaret, 1829.
Another between the two in 1832.
Letter from George Ornsby to Margaret his wife, 1832.
Several poems dated 1813 by A.J.
In addition are some modern unclassified material.
A letter dated 1967 with extracts taken from Tomlinson's Hatfield Chace.
An enquiring letter in 1953 from the National Registry of Archives.
One burial with two death certificates of Fishlake parishioners in the years 1917 and 1922 respectively.

Complied 1976/77.    Rob Downing.     These are now kept at Doncaster Archives.

Published here December 2018